Dental Sealants Can Improve Your Oral Health

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Cavities are one of the most frequent issues that dentists treat. Cavities can affect anybody, even children, and if left untreated, they can cause severe discomfort. Cavities that go untreated may lead to an abscess and possibly a nerve infection, as well as a lot of pain and tooth loss. On the other hand, dental sealants may help prevent cavities from reoccurring or even occurring in the first place.

Getting dental sealants

Dental sealants are a thin, plastic covering applied to the molars and premolars to prevent dental cavities. The teeth are cleaned and dried before dental sealant application. After that, a solution is applied over the teeth to roughen them, allowing the sealant to better adhere to the tooth or teeth that need sealants. The dental sealant is painted on the teeth and then cured with a special light. The procedure may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the number of teeth to be sealed, and it is entirely painless.

How sealants improve oral health

The following are ways dental sealants can improve one's oral health:

They serve as a deterrent against bacteria accumulation

When sugar is consumed, it interacts with harmful bacteria in the mouth, resulting in acid production. This acid dissolves minerals from the surface of teeth, or enamel, in a process known as demineralization. Acid assaults on the teeth gradually weaken and erode the enamel, resulting in tooth decay and a cavity. When dental sealants are applied to the teeth, it safeguards the enamel against acid assaults, preventing the formation of cavities.

It is simpler to brush the teeth

Dental sealants are usually applied to the molars and premolars, as previously stated. The reason for this is that these teeth are in charge of chewing and grinding food. Deep pits and fissures or grooves in the molars and premolars assist them in performing these tasks, but it is easier for food debris to get trapped inside them.

Brushing and flossing the teeth may help remove many of the food particles that get trapped there, but it is not always adequate. Food particles are still left behind, and when they come into contact with bacteria and saliva, they may create plaque. This ultimately leads to tooth decay and a cavity. However, when dental sealants are applied, these spaces are 'sealed,' and food cannot get stuck there. This makes brushing the teeth a lot simpler and more effective.

They last for a long time

Although not a permanent type of protection, dental sealants may preserve teeth for up to a decade if properly maintained. Furthermore, if the teeth are well-protected, the risks of developing a cavity are significantly reduced. Regular dental examinations are advised to check for any deterioration in the dental sealants and, if needed, repair or replace them.

In conclusion

It is critical to safeguard one's oral health. Dental treatments may be costly; therefore, it is better to make an investment that will continue to produce results over the long term. Talk to the dentist today about getting dental sealants.

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