Will Declining Wisdom Teeth Extraction Result in Crooked Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth New Albany, IN

Wisdom teeth extraction may be recommended by dentists to prevent crooked or overcrowded teeth. Extraction of the third molars may also be necessary before orthodontic treatment begins, to ensure that there is enough room in the upper and lower jaw for teeth to properly shift. 

Wisdom teeth extraction: Why is it important?

Wisdom teeth extraction is not necessary for everyone, but for those whose jaw is not wide enough to support them, keeping the wisdom teeth can lead to various complications. This review discusses the various consequences of declining wisdom teeth extraction. 

Why do dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed?

A long time ago, wisdom teeth served an important purpose for chewing and crushing food. However, as humans developed and learned how to soften food by cooking and cutting it, the third molars began to serve less of a purpose. As a result, the human jaw is not as wide as it once was, and wisdom teeth have less room to properly develop. Therefore, it is often best to have them removed before they cause complications, such as overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, oral infection, or general discomfort due to improper development. 

Can keeping the wisdom teeth lead to crooked or overcrowded teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not typically make crooked or overcrowded teeth worse. However, it is possible for wisdom teeth that grow sideways in the jaw or become impacted to compromise the spacing in the jaw or put pressure on other teeth, which can lead to worsening issues of crooked or overcrowded teeth. It can also compromise the orthodontic process, which is why dental professionals recommend wisdom teeth extraction before braces or clear aligners treatment. 

What are the benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed?

Having wisdom teeth removed has several notable benefits. Removing the third molars creates more space inside the jaw. This enables more effective orthodontic treatment. It can also reduce the risk of an oral infection, especially if the wisdom teeth had become impacted before removal. Many patients report feeling less pressure in the area surrounding their wisdom teeth once they are removed. 

Is wisdom teeth extraction necessary before orthodontic care?

Orthodontic care is the best way to address crooked or overcrowded teeth. However, wisdom teeth can affect orthodontic treatment, particularly if they are forcing the teeth to be overcrowded. In this instance, wisdom teeth removal is required before beginning orthodontic care. Otherwise, there may not be enough room inside the jaw for all the teeth and the jaw to shift properly into the proper alignment. 

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