Why Mouth Guards Are Recommended for Protecting Your Teeth During Sports Activities

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Wearing a mouth guard is important while playing sports. Playing vigorous sports is a common bonding activity among families, friends, and colleagues. Injuries are common in these games, especially when everyone begins to feel competitive. Wearing mouthguards can protect your teeth while playing. If you want to know why putting mouth guards on is important while playing sports, here are the details.

The importance of mouth guards

A mouth guard can prevent any injury to the gums and teeth after a strong impact on the mouth or face. It can also protect the jaw and cheeks. Studies show that almost a third of all dental emergency cases are sports-related. Flying projectiles, body slams, and collisions can cause chaos to teeth. This dental appliance can shield teeth from injury during professional and private games.

Sports in need of mouth protection

All contact sports need players with mouth shields. Wearing this simple dental protector can prevent severe dental injuries like broken and knocked-out teeth. Hockey, boxing, and football are a few of the high-contact sports in need of these dental appliances. Basketball, volleyball, and wrestling players also need these dental appliances.

How a mouth guard works

A player will wear a mouth shield over the upper teeth during a game. The dental appliance creates a barrier between the impact point and the teeth. This is an effective way to prevent dental injuries in case a blow to the face happens. This dental shield is durable. It can resist tears and take extreme force. Players can talk and breathe in comfort while wearing mouth guards.

Different options

Seeing a dentist can help determine which mouth protector could serve the player well. Stock mouth guards are less expensive. This is not a custom-fit dental appliance. It is not comfortable to wear and makes it difficult for players to talk or breathe.

Custom mouth protectors are the most optimal when it comes to dental protection. Players cannot get these from any sports supply shop. The dentist will take the player’s impressions for the fabrication of the custom-fit mouth guard. This dental appliance can then fit over the patient’s teeth in a snug way. It will not slip or drop off even during the game. The material for custom mouth shields allows the player to talk and breathe with ease.

A boil and bite mouth guard is the most common one available on the market. This is a thermoplastic dental appliance. The player will immerse this in boiling water first. The player will use a tongue, finger, and bite force to mold it.

This type of mouth shield does not have extensions. It does not protect the posterior or back teeth. A boil and bite mouth guard triggers gagging. It also lacks retention and proper fit despite its moldability.

A mouth guard is helpful in protecting your mouth components against injury

Playing sports is fun, but the participants will always have a high risk for injury. Protecting the teeth, gums, and other mouth components is important while engaging in contact sports. The choice of mouth shield is up to the player. A custom mouth guard can provide the most optimal form of protection. Discussing this with your dentist can result in a custom-fit mouth protector for your needs.

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