Why Children Should See a General Dentist From a Young Age

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Children’s teeth are especially fragile, which makes it important for them to see a general dentist at a young age. Although baby teeth do eventually fall out and become adult teeth, they are still important. Adult teeth rely on the growth and development of the baby teeth, which makes it necessary to maintain regular appointments with a general dentist.

It is necessary to learn about the importance of children’s oral health. This information can help a child develop and maintain good oral health so they do not run into any issues later on. A general dentist's office is a great place to start as soon as children begin showing signs of teeth.

Why children should see a young dentist from a young age

The following information outlines why it is important for children to get started with a general dentist at a young age. Read on to find out more!

Preventive care

One of the main reasons that children should see a general dentist starting from a young age is to ensure that preventive measures are taken. Preventive general dentistry can go a long way, especially in children. Common preventive measures that a general dentist can perform on children include the following.

1. Dental bonding: This procedure is commonly done on children to prevent teeth from getting damaged. Bonding involves a dental film painted on the enamel of the teeth to protect against staining, cavities and other damages, such as cracks or chips.

2. Fluoride treatment: General dentists perform fluoride treatment on a regular basis to patients of all ages, but children especially. Children are not the most disciplined with oral hygiene and tend to eat more sugar, which makes it important for their enamel to remain healthy. Fluoride strengthens the enamel and ensures that it is hard enough to support the functions of the teeth.

Good oral health

A general dentist can help set children up so they develop and maintain good oral health throughout their entire life. When children visit a general dentist at an early age, they will have an understanding that it is normal and necessary. Routine check-ups will help instill the importance of good oral health in the child so they continue the practice of dentist appointments into adulthood.

Starting dental appointments at a young age will also allow the general dentist a chance to maintain the child’s teeth. They will be able to perform preventive measures, as well as routine ones, to keep the child’s oral and dental health in good shape.


Certain children are prone to oral health problems from the start, which is completely normal! Whether it be due to genetics or simply chemical makeup, there are children who have no control as to how their teeth or gums will develop. Because of this, it can be especially helpful for children to see a general dentist starting at a young age.

General dentists are trained to detect things within the mouth before parents may be able to. Having routine appointments as soon as teeth begin to appear can help detect any early signs of oral conditions.

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