When Are Implant Supported Dentures an Option?

Implant Supported Dentures New Albany, IN

Curious about implant supported dentures? In this article, you will find out when the dentist will recommend implant supported dentures and what to expect with the process. Patients who have lost most of their teeth and need a more permanent solution can consider implant supported dentures. The conventional solution for partial or complete tooth loss is dentures, but it comes with drawbacks. Implant supported dentures solve many of the issues associated with regular dentures.

The process for getting implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures are an option for those who have lost several teeth in their upper and lower jaw. A dentist will need to perform a comprehensive dental exam to know whether the patient can get implant dentures. The exam involves a visual exam of the oral cavity, jawbone, and gums. They will consider x-ray images as well as dental and medical history before deciding whether the patient is a good candidate. It would be an option depending on the following factors:

Bone quality and gum health

Adequate jawbone is necessary to support the dental implants holding the dentures in place. The dentist will also ensure the patient is in good oral health and free of issues such as gum disease. Any existing issue must be addressed before proceeding with the implant placement to ensure the success of the treatment. Patients without enough jawbone density have to undergo a bone graft procedure.

General wellbeing

Good overall health is a prerequisite for implant supported dentures. Certain conditions affect the bone’s healing ability, which can compromise the integration process of the implants with the jawbone. Habits like smoking can also make a patient ineligible for dental implant placement.

Why choose implant dentures

Patients who already have conventional dentures and want an improved option can consider getting implant supported dentures. Since these dentures are connected to implants and do not rest on the gums, they are much more stable than regular dentures. Another reason is that implants prevent jawbone atrophy, which is a problem with regular dentures and can make a face appear sunken.

Traditional dentures are also restrictive, and the fear of slippage can affect a patient’s confidence in public. There are diet restrictions and an adjustment period where one learns to talk and eat with the dentures. Maintenance can also feel like a hassle. In comparison, implant supported dentures feel and function like natural teeth. Patients can eat their preferred meals because the bite force is almost like the natural teeth. All thanks to the implants embedded in the jawbone.

Also, implant dentures fit in the mouth better and have better aesthetic appeal. Patients can speak and smile confidently with teeth that look natural without worrying about dentures coming off. Dentures connected to implants are available as removable or fixed options. The removable option can be taken out at night for cleaning. The dentist will discuss the options and highlight the pros and cons of each.

In conclusion

If you are missing several teeth or currently have traditional dentures, you can consider getting implant supported dentures. Contact our dental office to book a consultation to know whether it is an option for you.

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