When a Dental Emergency Requires a Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction may be necessary for a dental emergency if the health and appearance of the tooth cannot be adequately restored after an oral health concern or dental trauma develops. The good news, however, is that dentists can replace a tooth after an extraction in a manner that looks and feels natural.

Dental emergency and tooth extraction

It is helpful to understand when a dentist may recommend tooth extraction after a dental emergency develops and what your options are to replace an extracted tooth. This review provides in-depth insight into dental emergencies, examples of dental emergencies, and when an extraction is necessary.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can be defined as a dental injury or oral health concern that requires immediate care from a dental professional. Some dentists offer emergency dentistry services, which means they allow patients to make promptly scheduled visits if they are in need of immediate care. Dental emergencies may require tooth extraction if a tooth is damaged beyond what can be repaired.

What are examples of dental emergencies?

There is a range of dental emergency types. As mentioned, it could be the result of an oral health concern or dental trauma. Specifically, a dental emergency may result from:

  • An oral infection
  • Deep tooth decay
  • Severe toothache
  • A missing crown
  • Chips and cracks
  • Loose tooth (after dental trauma)
  • Knocked-out tooth

Many instances occur as a result of poor oral hygiene (i.e. high sugar diet and/or an infrequent oral care routine), but there may be other contributing factors as well, such as impacted teeth, malocclusions, and more.

When is a tooth extraction necessary for a dental emergency?

Tooth extraction may be necessary for a dental emergency if the tooth is damaged beyond what can be repaired. In some instances, a tooth may be severely loose in the socket and/or cracked or chipped severely. While dentists typically do all they can to save a natural tooth if possible, there are instances where removing and replacing the tooth is the best option.

How can a dentist replace a missing tooth after tooth extraction?

If tooth extraction is necessary, then the dentist can replace the tooth in various ways. The three most popular options for tooth replacement after a dental emergency are an implant restoration, fixed bridge, or partial removable denture.

What other dental emergency treatment options may be available?

Dentists that offer dental emergency treatment can deal promptly with a wide range of urgent concerns, including but not limited to teeth cracks, tooth infections, gum lacerations, and more. It is important not to ignore a dental emergency and seek treatment right away when necessary.

Our dental practice offers dental emergency treatment

Here at our dental practice, we offer emergency dental services for patients dealing with dental trauma (i.e. a tooth that is knocked loose or out of the socket), tooth infections, and more. If necessary, we can perform a tooth extraction to help ensure optimal oral health long-term and relieve any discomfort you may experience.

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