What to Expect From Your Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover New Albany, IN

When individuals with dental problems decide to get a smile makeover, the myriad of choices available may be puzzling to them. From dental implants to dentures to teeth whitening and braces, it can be difficult to choose which process is preferable for both current and future dental health. A dentist knowledgeable in oral makeover methods can help patients make the most informed choice possible, but knowing what to expect beforehand can also make the process simpler. 

The initial dental visit 

The first step to a smile makeover for almost all patients is a trip to the dentist for an initial consultation. During this visit, patients can discuss what dental issues they currently suffer from, such as missing or crooked teeth, and ask questions about which techniques are currently available. At this time, the dentist may also perform several tests: 

  • X-rays 
  • A cleaning 
  • A dental exam that notes any decay or other oral issues 

Once these processes are complete, patients can be informed of any repairs that need to take place before the actual smile makeover can begin, such as the removal of decayed teeth or gingivitis treatment if the gums appear inflamed. Patients who chose implants may need tests that gauge the health and strength of the jawbone, as this can be vital for proper placement and tooth longevity.  

Procedure choice and mapping 

Dental patients returning for a follow-up appointment or secondary consultation may discuss options for smile repair at this time. The consulting dentist will likely review each choice and discuss time frames, costs and results for any procedures the patients choose. This appointment may also include mapping, where dentists measure smile and lip lines to ensure that any dental work patients receive fits into the mouth naturally and comfortably. 

Fittings and implants 

Once dentists make moldings of the teeth and implants or dentures are created, patients can then return for the next stage of their makeover. Those who chose implants may have titanium screws implanted into the jawbone, where the porcelain implants will be attached once the jawbone heals. This may take up to three months. Patients who want to straighten teeth may be fitted for braces or clear aligners, which use a sequence of transparent aligners to shift the teeth until they are no longer crooked. 

Care instructions and adjustments

Once individuals receive their implants or dentures or complete a process that straightens or closes gaps in the teeth, attending dentists can offer care and handling instructions and how to clean the new teeth. Those who have chosen braces or dentures may have to return on occasion for adjustments and exams to ensure these implements fit correctly or are shifting teeth properly. Implants usually do not require further care beyond brushing after insertion and can last for decades. 


Choosing to have a smile makeover can help individuals with damaged or missing teeth feel confident and may even prevent future dental issues, such as abscesses and infection, that could happen to teeth once decay or cracking occurs. Knowing what to expect during the process can offer patients peace of mind for the future. 

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