Restore a Chipped Tooth with Composite Bonding

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Composite bonding is one of the most affordable ways to go about fixing a chipped tooth. It is a versatile treatment that helps to restore the appearance of damaged teeth and rebuilds them. A chipped tooth always needs treatment regardless of how minor it appears. Even chips that seem to have only caused cosmetic damage to a tooth leave it vulnerable to decay and infection.

Treating a chipped tooth with dental bonding

The process of dental bonding involves applying composite resin to damaged teeth. The composite can be color-matched with the patient’s teeth so the repairs look natural. The process can be completed during a single trip to the dentist, giving patients a quick way to restore a chipped tooth. Other restorations commonly used for damaged teeth like crowns and veneers often require two visits to a dentist.

Composite bonding has many uses in dentistry. Besides fixing chipped teeth, it can be used to rebuild decayed teeth, improve the shape of deformed teeth, and hide discoloration on teeth. The process is commonly used as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings since it provides better aesthetics.

The process of repairing teeth with dental bonding is a non-invasive process and anesthetics are typically not used. It does not require removing portions of enamel as is the case with veneers and crowns. An etching solution is simply used to roughen the tooth’s surface so the composite sticks better to it.

The process

Once a dentist has determined composite bonding is the right solution for the patient, the damaged tooth is prepared for the composite by cleaning it, roughening it with an etching solution, and drying it. A composite paste that has been color-matched with the patient’s teeth is applied directly to the tooth. It is shaped as necessary and hardened with a curing light. The dentist applies a few more layers to finish the treatment before polishing the restored tooth.

The patient walks out of the clinic with their damaged tooth fully restored. A tooth that has been restored with a composite will also have its bite function restored.

Getting the most out of teeth restored with composite bonding

Repairs made with composite bonding are not as strong as real teeth, so people who have had some of their teeth rebuilt with composite should avoid using the tooth to bite down on hard things. Composite repairs are prone to breaking and chipping when exposed to bite forces. Fortunately, dentists can perform touch-up treatments as needed.

Repairs made with a composite resin can last up to five years with good oral hygiene. Composites are more prone to staining than real teeth, so dentists recommend avoiding tannin-rich foods like pasta and coffee to maintain the composite’s original color.

We can fix your tooth

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