Should Loose Baby Teeth Be Pulled?

Little girl with pigtails and overalls smiling with her missing front baby teeth

If your child has a loose tooth on its way out, you may be tempted to help it along a little instead of watching them play with it and push it back and forth over and over again. The question is whether that’s actually the best idea. The answer, generally speaking, is no. It may be hard, but practice some patience and resist temptation by letting that loose tooth fall out on its own. If you try to pull a baby tooth out too early or do it incorrectly, you could end up with more problems than you started with.

What Can Happen If You Prematurely Pull a Baby Tooth?

Pulling out your kid’s baby tooth may mean that there’s no more bothersome wiggling, but it can also cause some damage to their dental health. For starters, when a tooth isn’t ready to fall out, its roots are still sensitive which means it’ll be much more painful being pulled. It also means that there’s a higher likelihood of a lot of blood and even some damage to their gums. To avoid turning the experience of losing a baby tooth into traumatic ordeal, simply tell your child they should continue to gently wiggle their tooth with their tongue, a clean finger, or a tissue.

Another reason you’d want to wait for a baby tooth to fall out on its own is because the replacement permanent tooth might not be ready to come in yet. You can think of baby teeth as little placeholders for adult teeth, so if one is gone too soon, the surrounding teeth may shift in such a way that it leads to teeth misalignment, crowding, or crookedness. Some patience is a small price to pay if it means you may be able to avoid corrective orthodontic treatment for your child in the future!

What Should a Parent Do If a Baby Tooth Won’t Fall Out?

Usually, baby teeth fall out in the order they come in. For example, you may remember that your child got their front teeth first, so those are probably going to be the ones that they lose first. If you’re concerned about the order your child’s teeth are falling out, or if it seems like there’s something wrong with a tooth and it just won’t budge, it’s better that you consult with our team so we can take a look at what’s happening (or not happening).

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